The Hunt

You’ve probably heard that beef jerky is the new, healthy snack. It’s packed with protein and other ingredients boosting both mental and physical performance. Combine that with growing catalogues of salivation-inducing flavors like Teriyaki Lime, Korean BBQ, and Campfire Bourbon Glaze, and your taste buds are overwhelmed with choices.

Jerky Hunters is here to help you sift-through the meaty maze and find the BEST, and the RIGHT jerky for your needs. We’ve compared the spices of Nebraska’s farms, measured the nutritional value of Californian grass-fed beef, and have hand-selected for YOU, the tenderest meat to complete your lifestyle.

Do you enjoy trekking across mountains? Craving some post-workout protein? Eating Paleo? Whatever your needs, we help you to discover the most suitable (and delicious) jerky.