Why we're excited about Paleo

The Paleo diet (or caveman diet) continues to be the hot topic among nutrition aficionados and athletes. The underlying concept is to eat nutrient-dense, well-sourced natural foods. If a caveman couldn't eat it, it’s probably not great for your body today.


Anatomy and nutritional requirements have changed very little in the past 10,000 years. And long ago, we tended to exercise more than the average human does today. The evolution of food processing has surpassed human digestion by a long shot, so the Paleo diet suggests we return to our roots.


The Paleo diet is high in animal protein, and low on carbs. Refined sugars, grains, and legumes tend are left outside the grocery cart, while stockpiling fresh produce. About 55% of the hunter-gatherer diet came from animal protein, so beef jerky is one of the most common ingredients found on the caveman’s shopping list.


Some of the benefits of the Paleo diet include weight loss, higher energy levels, and improved blood sugar. The high-protein intake is especially helpful for athletes and people with active lifestyles.


With so many processed “snacks” eliminated by going Paleo, many dieters are turning to beef jerky. The body needs the nutrients in beef jerky to sustain energy between meals, and especially after long workouts. And those nutrients are best when sourced from local, grass-fed farms, like the jerky found here on Jerky Hunters.

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